Web Design

Web Design to Boost Your Brand

Your brand needs more than just amazing products to stay relevant. In today’s age, having an online presence is everything. With most people shopping online, your business needs to create an online identity that will make it more credible and attractive to your target audience. Web design can do just that.

Written Copy

How the website looks and what goes into it always go hand-in-hand. At Your Business Rocket, our team of web designers and content writers work closely together to make sure that form will follow function. The written copy includes About Us pages, blog posts, captions — basically anything that involves text.


Web designers understand the psychology of color. It’s crucial to choose colors that align with your brand and the message you want to convey. Using the right colors for your brand helps your audience associate certain emotions with your business, like how red is associated with hunger, and pink with femininity. Food businesses usually go for colors like red and orange, while cleaning companies stick with white and blue.

HTML Web Design

Our HTML web development service optimizes your website to load quickly without compromising on high-quality content. We make sure that your website can handle massive amounts of traffic because we know your business is going to get even bigger.


Have you ever visited a well-designed website, only to be discouraged by the choice of photos used in their content? Some are pixelated, while others look like they were grabbed right out of Google Images. Using high-quality and professional-looking images can make your website look more credible. There are lots of resources online for free stock images like Unsplash and Pexels.


Websites need videos for when images and text can’t describe the product. Eye-catching videos are useful for content like how-tos, demos, and promotional videos on the homepage. In fact, 60% of people stay longer on websites that have videos, compared to sites with just text and images. This is because they can see themselves as that person in the video who’s using your product to enhance his everyday life. Videos make you more relatable to your target audience.

Design that website now

Ready to design a website that drives sales? Today, 95% of a user’s first impression originates from the company website. This is why web design can have a major impact on your business. At Your Business Rocket, web design is made simple through a team of experts who are ready to take care of everything. We can maximize your website for conversions, traffic, engagement, and revenue.Don’t fall behind your competitors! Design your dream business website today by giving us a call.


Forty percent of people will leave a website if it doesn’t load within three seconds. The importance of site speed is vital for any website owner because speed issues can cost your business almost 7% in sales. People want websites to load immediately, and if that doesn’t happen, they’ll go to your competitor’s site. Site speed is also part of Google’s criteria in ranking your website. If your site is slow, your Quality Score will drop.


Animations can attract attention and keep people on your website much longer, compared to a static web page. They’re used to draw attention to a certain element or product more entertainingly. Some websites use animations like CSS transitions to enhance the overall browsing experience, but animations can be as simple as GIFs.

It WordPress Development

WordPress is used on over 35% of all websites because it’s easy to use, customize, and search engine friendly. WordPress is the leading content management system (CMS) platform used by big-name brands like Sony Music and BBC America. We offer WordPress solutions, from custom functions to theme customization, to suit your needs whether that’s for a personal blog or for an e-commerce website.

Responsive Web Design

Almost everyone views websites on their mobile devices, which means having a responsive website is a necessity. A responsive design automatically scales content to match the user’s screen size, whether that’s on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Your viewers won’t have to go through the trouble of resizing, zooming, and scrolling just to view your products and services.

WooCommerce Setup

Easily integrated with WordPress, WooCommerce is a flexible e-commerce platform that businesses love to use. More than 30% of online businesses are on it! It lets you sell online and update your inventory on the fly. We provide services including theme installation, product upload, taxes and shipping setup, payment gateway setup, Google Analytics plugin setup, and more. We’re here to create a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Graphic Design

Your Business Rocket has a team of professional graphic designers who can take your brand’s personality and turn it into stunning graphics. We carefully consider your colors, typography, and other design elements, so that all of the visual elements on your website are consistent and sleek. We’ll even go above and beyond web design by offering to design your company logo

What is web design?

Web designs refers to the appearance of websites on the Internet. It involves conceptualizing the look and arranging the content intended for a website, concentrating on user experience rather than software development. Web design used to be limited to designing websites for desktops, but after the mid-2010s, designing for mobile and tablet browsers became a priority for most companies.

Web design’s intended function is to convey a message while engaging its audience. This means creating a user experience that gets website visitors informed and involved through carefully selected content and visuals. Web designers have to ensure that websites look visually pleasing for the business’s target audience, considering features like colors, images, fonts, spacing, layout, and so much more.

What We Do

At Your Business Rocket, we consider it our job to make your dream website a reality. We’ll work closely with your business so that your website is exactly what it deserves to be. Whether you need a simple WordPress website or a more complex eCommerce site, we’ll bring your vision to life.

Web designers consider the look and functionality of a website. By integrating the two, a website’s performance can be maximized. For instance, well-designed websites perform better on search engines.

Why is web design important for your brand?

if you have a website for your business, we want you to look at it now. If you were visiting it for the first time, would you want to stay? Would you be encouraged to dive deeper into the website, and eventually, make a purchase?

Web design can impact your audience and your brand. Here are five reasons why you need a good web design for your business.

It’s the first impression
Your audience will judge your business within seconds of viewing your website. Just as you would want to make a good impression in real life, you also want to make a good impression online.

If your website looks outdated, your visitors will think poorly of your business. Think about it this way: if there are two houses, and the first house is badly furnished and moldy, while the second is newly painted, modern and fresh, you would obviously go for the second house. You’ll lose leads because they will leave your page and go to your competitor.

It supports your SEO strategy

Web design influences your website content, and in turn, affects how search engines rank your website. If you want to be discoverable, you can’t afford to ruin your SEO and other content marketing efforts with bad web design.

The best way to make sure that your website is SEO-friendly is by partnering with a reputable web design agency like Your Business Rocket. We know what we’re doing, and we’ll make sure that all of your digital marketing efforts work together.

It builds trust

Would you trust a website that looks like it was abandoned? If your customers see that your website is outdated, they’re less likely to trust your business. A sketchy-looking website won’t encourage customers to fulfill their orders. People will feel more comfortable buying from your business if your site conveys trust by looking professional and modern.

A well-designed website will invite customers to stay on your site longer, opening more opportunities for conversion and lead generation.

It helps with branding

When you think of Pepsi, what color comes to mind? Blue, right? When you think about Apple, what font do you imagine? Certainly not a cursive font, but something sleek and clean.

Websites are a great way of creating your online identity. Your website needs to have the same fonts, styles, and colors across all of its pages in order to build the kind of brand recognition that big companies have gained. Branding helps your audience associate certain elements with your business. It also allows them to get familiar with your brand and what you stand for.