Pay Per Click Advertising Services to Give your Business a Boost

Pay Per Click is a digital marketing strategy used by thousands of businesses to give their revenues a boost. However, some companies feel their PPC campaigns can’t give them sufficient increases in website traffic and profits. Here at, we help you create the perfect Pay Per Click campaign that truly drives people and revenues to your business.

Google Ads

These are ads that utilize search engine queries to display keyword-rich targeted ads on a search engine results page (SERP). Google Ads encompass keyword-based search ads, locally-targeted search ads, YouTube video ads, and remarketing ads for people who previously visited your website.

Paid Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a great alternative or complement to Google Ad campaigns. They also work through the PPC premise – ads get displayed in social media platforms and when a customer clicks through it, you’ll pay a set amount to the social media platform hosting your ad. Popular social media ad platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What We Do

We aim to help you start a strategic Pay Per Click campaign that will ultimately provide you a good return on investment (ROI) in the long run. We understand that your ads need to reach the right people at the right time. Hence, we at YourBusinessROcket offer the following Pay Per Click services:

Industry and Competition Research

We help you analyze your competitors and your position in your industry using our advanced research tools. This service is crucial for planning the right strategies to maximize your PPC campaigns.

Custom PPC Campaigns

Our team will create a custom PPC campaign from scratch for your business. We base your campaign on your unique business needs, goals, and industry position. We’ll determine the best strategies that will bring in the most customers and revenues for your company.

Campaign Retargeting

Bring back the interest of your prospects and old clients through our campaign retargeting service. These people effectively drive up ROI for your business. Hence, we’ll design our PPC campaigns to retarget them by analyzing and working through market trends and customer behaviors.

Google Ads Script Development

Ensure the highest chance of PPC success by letting us develop automated Google Ads scripts for you. We can develop scripts to automate data control, handle campaign statistics, and bring in data from outside sources such as Salesforce or Zoho.

Social Media PPC Advertising

We can create compelling social media PPC campaigns for your company. Choose which platform you like – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn – and we’ll take care of the PPC advertising!

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising strategy where the advertisers pay every time users click on their ads. Advertisers set a pre-determined budget for a specific platform that could either be social media sites, Google, or business websites. They place ads on the platform - Facebook, for example - then only pay when users have clicked through their ads. The PPC ads’ goal is to lead the visitor to the advertiser’s website. Once there, the visitor can turn into a prospect or a paying customer by inquiring and purchasing the product he/she is interested in. PPC works on the premise that advertisers will pay only when the intended ad clicks occur. Simple enough, but this type of digital marketing strategy can be a powerful tool to drive up your ranking on search engines. This can happen when PPC ads are relevant and when the campaign is included as part of a wider marketing strategy.

Why Use Pay Per Click?

The main advantage of using Pay Per Click is it seamlessly integrates with other marketing channels. PPC works well with content marketing as it can drive your visitors to your content-rich site. SEO also integrates with PPC, working together to help target audiences find your products and services.

PPC campaigns help you reach as many people as you can. Your ads can be shown to people who aren’t in your audience scope yet, broadening the number of potential customers your business may have. PPC also brings with it a wealth of marketing data. Keyword conversions, impressions, and ad click data can give you valuable insights for buffing up your content marketing and SEO strategies.

Getting the Most Out of PPC

When Pay Per Click is used alone, it may not be powerful enough to drive up your search engine rankings and your revenue. It’s a sound idea to use PPC in conjunction with other effective marketing strategies such as SEO, strong social media presence, robust video and content development, and powerful analytics. Keep in mind that while PPC may seem expensive, you don’t need to shell out lots of cash to make it work for you. PPC's success isn’t proportional to how big your budget is! Consider your business goals as you traverse through the PPC world. Realistic end goals must determine how you can strategically and economically use PPC to get the most benefits out of it.