Marketing on Social Networks

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The basis of the mass media both in print as well as in visual kind is to release one common ad to the whole mass in general. Such advertising is controlled by the online marketers who have control over the release of the advertisement and the audience or the readers and viewers have really little control seeing or watching such ads.

The truth is that the audience does not have a say in the matter. The only option people have and which they typically work out is to take a break, skip the commercial break and resume seeing TV when their show draws back.

With the arrival of web and social web, the concept of marketing online and through the social networks has actually taken a different turn.

In the start when online marketers discovered that they might send e-mails and messages to the mass at fraction of cost, there started a boom with everybody sending unwanted messages to all the email IDs that they might get hold of. With the next wave came the ads in the type of banners and sponsored links and display screens on web pages.

Advertising on Social Media Network is a various ballgame. The network consists of communities of people who are going over, sharing and conversing with one another and constructing opinions while doing so. The advertisers and online marketers do not have control. The advertising on the social media network functions like standard channels along with in the form of non-interruptive advertising. Ads that pop up on web pages, the banners work like standard channels and are interruptive, whereas the new kind of advertising and marketing known as Embedded Marketing Application has actually introduced non-interruptive along with interactive advertising.

The best example that a person can see in terms of Embedded Marketing Application is the application called Item Pulse on Face book. The application engages the audience with new services and products by welcoming them to rank the item as per their viewpoint and welcomes them to sign up with some of the simple to win contests too. This element makes a lot of sense for online marketers as it gives a lot of info about the customer habits in addition to the pulse of the consumer.

Comprehending and seeing the social networks along with organisation networks on the internet can provide one an idea of what is the effective way of communicating with individuals on the networks and how to handle the expectations along with to engage the customer from advertising and selling perspective.

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